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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introduction to bitbucket- Free private & public source code hosting provider

In the software development field we need to use version control system which can allow to share source code in between team members so all can work on one project. Visual source safe is one of the best example for that. As IT industries expanded their business across the globe and today scenario is like on one project developers from more then one country working on, and to share and manage that project there are plenty source code hosting available including SVN, Github, Bitbucket etc..

Optimize your web application with PageSpeed Insights

Generally we like web application which are good responsive in real time and very fast like google, Facebook, stack overflow and always amazed that how they have built such a great websites?!

How to create sub domain and custom redirection

Today you can accept that every individual person has PC/laptop/Smartphone, it is truth for today although it  was imagination before decades. Now after decades it would be truth that every person would have their domain name for their business/individual/professional.

"Domain Name is user friendly unique name against the IP address (address of any website)"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Issue with D-Link router to setup GTPL internet broadband connection

I have recently purchased new D-link cloud router to set up wifi connection at my home as i am using internet connection of GTPL.

The way most of ISP provides ability to access internet (including GTPL) is that you need to give them MAC address of your machine form which you would like to access internet. (You need to draft mail regarding that on with your billing info,  username & mac address of your machine).

I want to discussed the problem which i had faced so it can help to other people if they are doing same thing because there is no good enough information base from any end.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best practice to create stored procedure with template parameters in SQL Server

Every developers need to deal with stored procedures in daily life through SQL Server and need to follow different patterns to put signature and format to consistence structure of sps.

I have seen that many developers who start to create sp with New Query -> Create Stored procedure and then try to format the sp and put signature.

Instead we can use following best practice to create stored procedure in SQL Server